Switch Firmware 8.0.0 Adds Accessibility Options, Library Sorting, and Save Transfers

Switch system update version 8.0.0 now available

Switch Version 8.0 - Video tours, plus tidbits not in the official patch notes

Nintendo has issued out a hefty sized Nintendo Switch firmware update that adds many new features for users across the board of functionality, convenience and accessibility. Other additional features include the option to prevent the system from waking up when the console is still being plugged in, zoom option, and many others.

The sort Software feature is now available.

If you, like me, have been grabbing games on Switch left, right, and centre due to the system's portable home console concept just really working for you, your game library might be a bit of a mess. But the new Update 8.0.0 looks to make it possible without the online subscription. For users who hadn't created separate profiles, Now individual pieces of save data can be swapped between systems as users like. You can now sort games by title, publisher, total play time, and time last played.

They'll be able to transfer any game or save they want between systems, rather than absolutely everything, making the process faster. Then, you can zoom in by clicking the HOME Button twice.

The following names have been changed (functionality remains the same).

An array of stability improvements have been made in a bid to enhance each user's experience.

A View All Available News option is now featured within News, which allows you to witness all news items currently being distributed. Then, version 4.0.0 arrived, allowing users to transfer all their user and save data between consoles.

New Zoom feature has been added.

A VR Mode (3D Visuals) restriction is available within Parental Controls. It must be enabled via the System Settings first.

Hong Kong / Taiwan / South Korea is available for selection in Region.

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