Trevor Noah interviewing Stephen Colbert is as delightful as you'd expect

Instead, he'd rather interview First Lady Melania Trump.

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah interviewed Colbert on the quintessential elements of a late night show in the age of Trump - especially how they check in with the president's latest antics on Twitter, or "the national nanny cam". "How would you handle that?" "It used to be Trump and then I was like, after watching his interviews over the last few years, I understand what was going to happen". 'I'd ask him about something, if he doesn't know the answer he'd make an answer up.

"I'm friendly with them, if you would like to be on the show or hang out with them, I can arrange that", said Ellen. Very big, very close.

"That's what he does - I know the game". So now, genuinely, I want to interview Melania Trump.

'And I'm still waiting for that part to happen, cause he's still here, ' Noah told Ellen.

'She is my new dream guest; said Noah, who authored the 2016 book Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. But when he had to choose between Rihanna and Tiffany Haddish he opted to give Rihanna the boot because she's too famous, and he would want the relationship to "be more equal".

"I want to know if her "Be Best" anti-bullying campaign online is like a long-term dig at her husband", Noah told Ellen.

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