Shocking: Director threw chappal at Kangana Ranaut!

Soni Razdan hits back at Kangana Ranaut for attacking her daughter Alia Bhatt yet again

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She seems to have taken a grudge against Alia Bhatt for being the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and having the benefit if nepotism. The tweets that started with attacking Soni Razdan and Alia Bhatt by Rangoli, has taken an ugly turn where Rangoli, in a series of tweets, revealed about the bad behaviour of former's husband Mahesh Bhatt towards Kangana Ranaut.

Only last week, a poll conducted by BollywoodLife voted Kangana Ranaut as Best Actress for 2019 (so far), which also had Alia Bhatt nominated for Gully Boy, after which she told the publication: "I am embarrassed. Agenda? What's hers.?" However, with the debate getting heated on social media, Soni Razdan deleted this post of hers.

When asked to respond to Kangana Ranaut's statement by Bollywood Hungama, Alia Bhatt said, "I respect Kangana's work a lot and I respect her opinion".

And went on to accuse Mahesh Bhatt of throwing a chappal at Kangana.


Sharing an article critical of them, Rangoli had stated: "These non Indians who are living off this land, using and abusing its people and its resources, lying about intolerance and spreading hatred, time to think about their agenda and not to get carried away with their provocations". With Kangana Ranaut constantly slamming Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda chose to show whose side he is on.

Soni Razdan and Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut's sister, have engaged in a war of words on Twitter. Apart from the character of course. Bollywood's idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment and good acting, spare me this embarrassment, please. "Stop pampering mediocre work or else bar will never be raised", Kangana had been quoted as saying. If she feels a particular way she must have reason to feel that way. And I'd just like to focus on my work.

Earlier on Tuesday, Chandel had lashed out at actor Randeep Hooda when he voiced his support for his Highway co-star Alia Bhatt.

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