New Genesis Mint concept is quirky electric city auto

2019 Genesis Mint concept New York auto show interior

The interior of the Mint is swathed in warm saddle-colored leather. It's dominated by a bench seat with a fold-down center console armrest

The Mint is a concept vehicle, so there are a few bonkers aspects to its design. Genesis says that the new Mint concept reimagines the iconic shape of the city auto, tailored to the needs of a modern lifestyle. In fact, according to Genesis, the Mint concept uses the design principle of a three-box vehicle that has been stretched at the corners with extremely short front and rear overhangs to get that compact proportions.

"The Mint Conceptis a new urban icon that marries classic proportions with forward-looking, minimalist design", Donckerwolkesaid. "The Mint Conceptinstantly finds objective and meaning in the city, just as so many people who call the world's most densely populated metropolises home".

According to Genesis, the Mint 'posits an expanded definition of [the] brand, ' which is a cloudy prospect - but leave that to one side, and the Mint Concept looks rather good, doesn't it? The Crest Grille appears as a closed sculptural element with a slight opening for the reduced cooling requirements of the battery pack. Access to the Mint Concept's cargo area is through two reverse butterfly hatches, which open up and out to the rear of the vehicle.

Meanwhile the interior features materials and build quality you'd find in an ultra-luxury GT, and instead of a trunk at the rear the designers have gone with a parcel shelf, access to which is gained by supercar-style scissor doors. The charge port is at the back, centrally mounted.

Inside, the Mint is simplistic, inspired by the Korean tradition of embracing empty space. The G-Matrix pattern again comes into play as the defining element of the interior, both in the thin, gunmetal balustrade that runs across the width of the passenger compartment and in the repeating pattern for the floor and cargo area.

Inside, the G-Matrix pattern is seen as dark lines running through a light brown base, with the center console able to be folded down to turn the front bench seat into a settee. Said bench (and the instrument cluster) swivels too, making it easier to get in and out. The oblong steering wheel is surrounded by six screens giving access to various vehicle functions, and a seventh in its centre. The automaker hasn't detailed its technical specifications, but said it was created to go around 200 miles per charge.

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