Jimmy Kimmel Introduces Faux Game of Thrones Hotline - Manned by the Cast!

Well, never fear confused fans - the cast of Game of Thrones are here to man a (totally fictional) hotline in order to get you up to speed.

Unfortunately it's never going to happen, but at least Jimmy Kimmel Live! makes the imaginary "Game Of Phones" pretty amusing. Call Game of Phones! In one scene, Sansa Stark aka Sophie Turner is answering questions about Joffrey's death, which it turns out was caused by a case of bad clams.

In numerous cases, the questions were character-specific and answered by the actors who played them on-screen, which led to some interesting moments like when Lena Headey was asked by a caller what they should do if they had a crush on their brother.

"Nothing, it's illegal and immoral to act on those feelings", she said. Then there's John Bradley/Samwell Tarly diagnosing a caller with chlamydia, not greyscale. Want Kristian Nairn to give you his HBO Go password?

Game of Thrones has been on our screens for eight long years. Entertaining and infotaining - what more could you possibly want from a humble Game of Thrones sketch? Everyone is scheming to get everyone else murdered, nobody knows who they're meant to trust, and the whole thing is basically a mess of confusing and ever-shifting loyalties. The premiere episode features repeat guest Bryan Safi, who Van Ness tells, "Buckle up, queen, because the wall is down, a woman's on the throne, it's the America I wish I was living in". But perhaps the best new nickname is Cersei, who is now Evil No-Volume Carol Brady. Well, need we say more about what you need to do next?

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