Indonesians Go to Polls in World's Biggest One-Day Election

Indonesia votes for new president parliament in world`s biggest single-day election

A worker carries election materials with a trolley to be distributed to polling stations from a warehouse in Jakarta Indonesia

And after a video circulated last week allegedly showing bags of ballots pre-marked for Jokowi in Kuala Lumpur, the elections commission has announced the vote there will be rescheduled, while an inundated overseas polling station in Sydney will be reopened.

This combination photo taken on Saturday, April 13, 2019, left, and Sunday, April 7, 2019, right, show Indonesian President Joko Widodo, left, and his challenger in the upcoming election Prabowo Subianto during their campaign rallies in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bread-and-butter issues were at the forefront of the minds of many voters.

Indonesia is comprised of over 17,500 islands that span an area the length of the northern Atlantic Ocean, and voters have to cast five paper ballots for president, vice president, and national and regional legislatures.

Widodo touted his record on deregulation and improving infrastructure, calling it a first step to tackling inequality and poverty in Southeast Asia's biggest economy.

Widodo - a practising Muslim who has battled doubts about his piety - jetted to Mecca, the birthplace of Islam, for a brief, pre-election pilgrimage Sunday.

Subianto, who also lost to Widodo in the 2014 presidential election, had not yet conceded defeat.

Polling booths across the city were decorated in red and white cloth, the colours of the Indonesian flag, as well as flowers and balloons, while some stations adopted fancy dress attire, with people dressing as superheroes and zombies.

"His popularity is still up there. but he is not the inspiring figure that he was five years ago".

The president sought re-election on a pledge of providing free education, millions of jobs for the country's young population and continuing an infrastructure building boom that saw him unveil US$350 billion of projects in his first term.

"There's clearly less enthusiasm for Widodo now", said Kevin O'Rourke, an Indonesia-based political risk analyst.

"Arriving at the polling station early at 08:06 Western Indonesia Time (WIB), the Gerindra Party Chairman said; "[I am] very optimistic.

Subianto's long-held presidential ambitions have been dogged by a chequered past and strong ties to the Suharto dictatorship, which collapsed two decades ago and opened the door what is now the world´s third-biggest democracy.

"I feel relieved", said Widodo, after casting his ballot and displaying a finger dipped in indelible ink, part of the process of avoiding fraudulent voting.

"Let us reunite as brothers and sisters of the country after this election, establish our harmony and brotherhood".

Hundreds of thousands of police and military personnel were deployed at polling stations across the country to ensure the safety of the vote.

Papua election officials dressed in traditional headgear and grass skirts, as others strap on superhero costumes to entertain voters in other parts of the country.

Ayu Dyah Widarti, a volunteer for Jokowi, spent her morning cycling around various polling stations in south Jakarta to check on the voting process.

A series of so-called "quick counts" are expected to give a reliable indication of the presidential victor later Wednesday. "But I guarantee that we don't want to be cheated anymore, that Indonesian people don't want to be cheated anymore". He didn't declare victory, saying he would wait for official results. Voting is underway in Indonesia's presidential and legislative elections after a campaign that that pitted the moderate incumbent against an ultra-nationalist former general.

"This will determine the path of our nation".

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