ICE Deports US Veteran's Widower, Judge Allows Him to Return

An illegal immigrant who was deported last week has been allowed reentry into the U.S. according to a report

An illegal immigrant who was deported last week has been allowed reentry into the U.S. according to a report

The Arizona Republic was the first outlet to report the story. He married Army Pfc.

Vieyra, who deployed to Afghanistan as a military police officer, was killed by enemy fighters in Konar province, east of Kabul, in 2010 at the age of 22. Vieyra was killed, leaving her husband and daughter, among other family members, behind.

Jose Gonzalez Carranza was arrested by ICE agents at his home in Phoenix on April 8 and was taken to Nogales, Mexico, on the border two days later, his lawyer, Ezequiel Hernandez, told CNN on Monday.

The widower of a US veteran was briefly deported from Arizona and taken away from his daughter recently, before the order was reversed. Authorities picked Gonzalez Carranza up and dropped him off at the agency's headquarters in Phoenix. "Put your hands up". Gonzalez Carranza was finally arrested and deported on April 8. "I have rights." It didn't matter.

Prior to the reversal, Gonzalez was living at a shelter for deported migrants in Nogales, Mexico, where he was unsure of the next time he would see his daughter.

ACLU officials also criticized Gonzalez Carranza's deportation, characterizing the move as the "height of cruelty" on behalf of ICE officials. At this point, there's no clear answer. ICE appears to have refiled its case against him past year, according to Hernandez, even though he has no criminal record.

"We have evidence it went to the wrong address", Hernandez told The Washington Post.

"The government never revoked the [parole-in-place]", he added to CNN. "They detained (Carranza) because of the order of removal done due to the court hearing my client did not go to because he did not know. As of today, we do not know why the client was removed".

According to his lawyer, Ice made a decision to re-open his case in 2018 and a judge subsequently ordered him to be deported after he failed to show up for a court hearing.

"I feel bad because President Trump says he wants to help (veterans)", Carranza told the Arizona Republic. The motion triggered an automatic stay of removal, but ICE deported him anyway, Hernandez said.

Mr Gonzalez Carranza himself had illegally entered the USA from Veracruz, Mexico in 2004 as a teenager.

In any case, Hernandez said that after sending a press release to the media and speaking with the Republic, ICE notified him of their reversal.

But on Monday afternoon he was told by United States officials that he could cross back into the country at the DeConcini port of entry, where Ice agents picked him up and brought him back to Tucson to be transported to Phoenix.

A spokeswoman for Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema said her office was working with Ice and the deported man's lawyer to assist the family.

After her death, her husband was granted parole in place, an exemption under us immigration law for "urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit" for the families of service members. His daughter, meanwhile, who lives with her grandparents, didn't even know her father was deported. When they were reached by reporters, neither Guadalupe nor her parents realized that Gonzalez Carranza had been deported.

"I think the new president, the only thing he wants to do is deport people for no reason", Carranza told the Arizona Republic.

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