Good Samaritans thwart kidnaping in San Francisco

Good Samaritans thwart kidnaping in San Francisco

Good Samaritans thwart kidnaping in San Francisco

A 34-year-old Perth DJ has been charged with attempted kidnapping after he allegedly tried to snatch a two-year-old boy in San Francisco. He ran away and was chased by bystanders, police said, where officers arrived and took him into custody.

On Monday, police identified the suspect as Roscoe Bradley Holyoake of East Victoria Park, Australia.

The reports said the mother allegedly struggled with Mr Holyoake as he seized her son.

Walker, a dentist, said he and other bystanders had chased after Holyoake on foot.

Ms Walker stayed with the distraught mother and her children.

Holyoake gave up after a short chase, the dentist said. "He put his hands up, and said, 'All right, I'm done, ' and he didn't fight back, didn't struggle, just obeyed my commands, walked to the sidewalk and put his hands on the wall and got on his knees".

Holyoake appeared briefly in court and was ordered to return on Friday to enter a plea.

Holyoake apparently hosts a radio show in addition to his DJ career, and he goes by the name DJ Roski.

His lawyer Steve Olmo told media outside court that Holyoake doesn't have a criminal record and was in San Francisco on business.

He was also a board member of Pride WA for two years before standing down in February.

The DJ, who first began as a lighting technician for drag shows, was a radio presenter for the All Things Queer segment on RTRFM.

He has worked as a DJ at Connections Nightclub in Perth and recently played at a wrap party for comedian Tim Minchin's new mini-series Upright.

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