Facebook restores services after three-hour-outage

Facebook down for some users

Facebook outage: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp back online

Facebook has issued an apology for a three-hour outage to its services on Sunday (April.15th) but refused to specify the cause of the outage.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp at 2014 and Instagram in 2012.

There are more than 1.52 billion every day busy Facebook users, according to the social networking network's web site.

It seems as the outage affected people in the States, Europe, as well as Asia. A Facebook representative told the media that prior today, a few people may have experienced difficulty interfacing with the group of applications.

Facebook explained that they have resolved the issues and the systems are recovering after the problems.

It appeared to be back up and running for most consumers by 9 a.m. EST.

"Ok... who broke #Facebook?"

"While you won't be able to exchange money with friends and family, you'll still be able to complete other transactions through Facebook, such as making donations to charitable organisations".

In late January, the Instagram app crashed, and WhatsApp users worldwide were also unable to send or receive messages. "What is wrong with Facebook", Kularakkhita asked in a tweet from Thailand.

The issue comes after Facebook experienced one of its longest inconvenience or breakdown in the month of March when a few clients around the world couldn't get to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for over 24 hours.

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