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The reactions to this revelation, however, would indicate that many users were completely unaware of this.

Experts are growing tired about using home speakers like the Echo or Google Home for medical consults as privacy issues grow, CNBC reports.

The terms and conditions for Amazon's Alexa state that voice recording is used to "answer your questions, fulfil your requests, and improve your experience and our services".

"You have to listen to customers, companies that don't listen to customers fail", Bezos told journalist Charlie Rose in a 2000 interview, providing an early hint at Amazon's passion for surveillance. Eavesdroppers At least - that is what we were led to believe.

Amazon last night confirmed the revelations when approached by Bloomberg saying that "an extremely small sample of Alexa voice recordings" are analysed by staff.

Bloomberg reports that Amazon workers transcribe the recordings and shares the conversations with other parts of the company in order to make Alexa's "understanding of human speech" better.

While numerous workers report working on and hearing mostly mundane utterances, there are outliers: "Occasionally the listeners pick up things Echo owners likely would rather stay private: a woman singing badly off key in the shower, say, or a child screaming for help".

"We have strict technical and operational safeguards, and have a zero tolerance policy for the abuse of our system". Rape The employees however, also stated that they have listened to alarming clips - such as that of a potential rape.

The company also stated that employees can not identify the person or account relating to the voice recordings.

'All information is treated with high confidentiality and we use multi-factor authentication to restrict access, service encryption and audits of our control environment to protect it'.

Developers who are focused on digital health have shown skepticism about using home speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home for medical consults, as it might jeopardize the privacy of the users and raise concerns about sensitive health information falling into the wrong hands.

Select "Manage how your data improves Alexa".

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