QB Wilson won't sign after deadline

Russell Wilson Won't Sign Long-Term Deal With Seahawks Beyond April 15

Sources - QB Wilson won't sign after deadline

Regardless of whether he has a new contract or no, it had been expected all along that Wilson will fulfill all of his regular requirements, including the offseason training program, which began Monday and is technically voluntary.

It appears Seattle Seahawks fans can breathe easy, at least for now.

There had been a lot of rumors floating around the National Football League, with even more popping up on social media.

For instance, when Wilson signed his most recent deal he was the second-highest paid player in the National Football League at $21.9 million per year behind only Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers. Others have stated that he wants percentages of future National Football League salary cap increases that could up his salary during an extension. So in terms of age, it makes some sense to acquire Wilson.

- Yahoo Fantasy Sports (@YahooFantasy) April 16, 2019Russell Wilson holdout? That is a huge price when it comes to acquiring any player.

While the midnight deadline is imposing, ESPN reported that both sides still are working hard to reach some sort of agreement.

The ultimatum stated that he would not negotiate in that regard for the rest of the National Football League season.

Wilson's contract expires at the end of this season. Here are the five teams most in need of Wilson's services, starting with the Denver Broncos.

FanSided.com put the Denver Broncos on their list of teams to potentially trade for Wilson.

NY in this instance certainly means the Giants. Realistically, the Broncos would have to give up multiple first-round draft picks, as well as a high-profile player.

Wilson is a mobile quarterback who has the ability to escape pressure, which would be a necessity if he were to be traded to the Broncos. It's up to him if he wants to sign the tag, or sit out as negotiations continue.

Report: Russell Wilson's agent still meeting with @Seahawks.

Per a league source, the Seahawks think that Wilson would like to play elsewhere, even if he hasn't and wouldn't ever say it.

That response glosses over the more fundamental question of whether Wilson would like for the Seahawks to let him get away. I don't see the team trying to re-work Miller's contract. If he were to decline, they could place a franchise tag on him, which would lead to a one-year contract.

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