Klobuchar Releases Taxes, Urges Trump To Do Same

Cumulative individual and corporate tax payments through the fifth fiscal month

Cumulative individual and corporate tax payments through the fifth fiscal month

The president's trip to Minnesota is also significant given that he lost the state, which is a traditional Democratic stronghold, by just two points in 2016.

Klobuchar's 2018 return shows that she and her husband, attorney and law school professor John Bessler, paid $65,927 in federal taxes on an adjusted gross income of $338,121.

The business owners were on hand to talk about how the tax cuts have benefitted their companies.

"We are giving them a big lovely Christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut", said President Trump in 2017.

"President Trump is trying to hide the real effect of his tax bill from the American people, just like he's trying to hide his own tax returns", a statement from DFL chair Ken Martin read.

Trump's tax day visit also renews attention on his refusal to release his tax returns.

"The tax bill that he passed that he is here to celebrate tomorrow doesn't invest in things like infrastructure". Klobuchar asked. "How can he say he has a trillion-dollar plan when he's only willing to put $200 billion on the table?" "The truth is, Donald Trump is a rich businessman using the presidency and his tax bill to make money for himself and his rich friends". Just 17 percent of those polled believed their taxes went down.

The 2017 tax legislation was criticized by some on the left as hurting Americans due to smaller refunds. While the average filer was better off, it said, they weren't seeing it in their refunds, "which many people think of as their "bottom line'".

"The fire that they're having at the Notre Dame Cathedral is something like few have witnessed", he said, adding that the church was "one of the great treasures of the world".

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