BTS performed 'Boy With Luv' and 'Mic Drop' on 'SNL'

Rosalind O'Connor  NBC  NBCU

Rosalind O'Connor NBC NBCU

"Kill This Love" by Blackpink achieved the previous record just one week prior. However, it has now been surpassed by the Bangtan boys with a massively huge margin.

The music video for the band's new song, "Boy With Luv", is now the video with the most views gained within a period of 24 hours on YouTube. Check out some of the hilarious and heartwarming reactions from fans all around the world.

Apart from shattering records, which also comprises surpassing over 5 billion streams on Spotify, BTS also became the first K-pop to perform at Saturday Night Live in America.

However, while they were busy celebrating that milestone, BTS were also being met with the news that their latest single, "Boy With Luv", had broken a YouTube viewing record.

At the time of this writing, the music video has racked up 120,675,309 total views since it first released on April 12, 2019.

The group is the first K-pop act to be a musical guest on SNL; Psy notably made an appearance during a September 2012 sketch with Bobby Moynihan, who impersonated him on the series after the success of "Gangnam Stye".

Halsey's vocals capture "the giddiness of being in love, while the lyrics address the relationship the group has with its ARMY: 'I'm flying high in the sky with the two wings you gave me, ' with the wings referencing the title of their second album".

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