United Kingdom will be warmer than Majorca for holiday weekend

People have been making the most of the sunshine this week

People have been making the most of the sunshine this week

The rest of the Easter weekend is looking to be mainly dry and warm, though there is still some uncertainty in the forecast as to how cloudy it will be, and whether there may be some rain in northwestern parts of the UK. In between the two, it will be quite windy for the next few days, calmer at the weekend for the UK.

"England and Wales will start off with a dry, frosty, cold start".

"There will be splashes of rain across parts of Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and up into Northern Ireland". Warm air will be drawn up towards the United Kingdom from Africa thanks to a steadying high pressure over Scandinavia, bringing plenty of dry weather and a developing low pressure over Spain and the western Mediterranean and showers.

"Then dry again on for Thursday and Friday with temperatures a little warmer - touching 15-16C (59-61F) maybe up to 18-19C (64-66F) possibly 20C (68F) on Friday".

It will continue to be mild on Saturday but the highest temperatures will shift to the east as cloud increases in the west.

"This will bring bright and sunny weather, carried on the southeasterly winds".

Greg added: "This is going to draw in warmer air from the continent and temperatures are set to rise as the week goes on".

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