Man accused of jumping from plane onto Phoenix Sky Harbor tarmac

American Airlines passenger jumps from plane at Phoenix airport, sustains 'minor injuries'

Man on flight ‘randomly touched the faces’ of passengers, sprayed unknown substance, jumped out once plane landed

Just over 100 passengers and eight crew members were on Flight 300 out of John F. Kennedy Airport.

A passenger on an American Airlines flight attempted an early exit from the aircraft on Friday, jumping from the plane after it landed in Phoenix, Arizona.

Passengers on the plane declined to press charges against the man; however, he could still face trespassing charges for his jump onto the tarmac.

Neither police nor American Airlines indicated whether it had been determined what was sprayed by the man but there were no reports of injuries to passengers.

Phoenix police spokesman Tommy Thompson says the man randomly touched passengers' faces and sprayed them after the American Airlines flight from Minneapolis arrived Friday morning at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

It's unclear what was in the bottle that the man sprayed onto passengers.

After landing, he was brought to the front of the plane to disembark before other passengers, where he was due to be met by law enforcement.

"Once the flight arrived at the gate, the passenger opened one of the doors and jumped off the aircraft", according to American Airlines.

"It is unknown what was in the bottle", police said in a media advisory obtained by Fox News.

The video was taken by Hannah Johnson, a passenger on flight 1346 who was sitting three rows in front of the man in question. Workers at the airport stopped the man and he was taken into custody by Phoenix Police officers without incident.

"Law enforcement and paramedics responded".

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