WhatsApp introduces two important features in the latest beta update

The ‘Forwarding Info’ and ‘Frequently Forwarded’ labels are a part of Whats App Android beta version

The ‘Forwarding Info’ and ‘Frequently Forwarded’ labels are a part of Whats App Android beta version

With the elections in India starting from the month of April, the Election Commission has issued certain dos and don'ts to the social media platforms including WhatsApp and they have agreed to cooperate in ensuring that any kind of fake news or undesirable messages are allowed to be spread among the public that can influence the voters in any manner. This feature will help the user understand when a message is very popular on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp's "Forwarding Info" feature will tell inform users of the number of times a message sent by them has been forwarded.

If a single message is forwarded more than five times, then the message will receive a badge similar to forward tag as "Frequently Forwarded", which makes sure that the message is already in circulation. The new Frequently Forwarded feature (Image: WABetaInfo) WABetaInfo explained: "If you are curious to know how many times a received message has been forwarded, you can forward it and check out the count in Message Info". The new version number is 2.19.80, and in it, two key new features are being highlighted - Forwarding Info and Frequently Forwarded. The "Forwarding Info" feature will reportedly be released in the next beta updates, though there is no word of when it will rolled out for stable version. It will let the user know how many times the message has been forwarded. Calling it Forwarding Info and Frequently Forwarded, the two new changes were spotted in the works in the latest Android beta version.

The two features are not enabled yet for all users as these features are still being tested.

This new tool will be available in the info section for messages where the users can check if their messages have been delivered or read. Install the latest beta update from the Google Play Store to enjoy the latest features from WhatsApp. A latest report suggests that WhatsApp is now bringing a couple of new features for the iOS users out there.

The report adds that the features are under development and are not available to beta testers as of now.

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