No collusion: Key takeaways from Mueller's Russian Federation findings

U.S. lawmakers await details of Mueller's Russia report

Mueller report finds no proof of collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice by Trump

The Mueller investigation found no collusion between Trump or his election campaign and the Russian government.

United States Attorney-General William Barr has released a summary of the "principal conclusions" reached in special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Some legal experts speculated that Mueller may have been trying to leave the obstruction question up to Congress, perhaps anticipating there would be hearings where more information on his findings would come out.

A copy of a letter to lawmakers from U.S. Attorney General William Barr stating that the investigation by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller has been concluded is seen in Washington, U.S., March 22, 2019.

As for obstruction of justice, Barr said that while Mueller's report "does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him". Many Republicans also want the report released and say it will vindicate Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., speaks at an Economic Club of Washington luncheon gathering in Washington, March 8, 2019. Mueller handed in his report last Friday.

Still, Mueller's investigation left open the question of whether Trump obstructed justice by firing FBI Director James Comey and drafting an incomplete explanation about his son's meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign.

"Given Mr. Barr's public record of bias against the Special Counsel's inquiry, he is not a neutral observer and is not in a position to make objective determinations about the report", they stated. The US President warned "somebody is going to be looking at the other side" during a speech on CNN. Mueller has been sharing some matters and handing off others to USA attorney's offices in Manhattan; Alexandria, Virginia; and Washington, as well as the Justice Department's national security division. On that score, the Mueller report delivers a categorical vindication of the president.

Russian Federation also denies interfering in the USA elections. though U.S. intelligence agencies say it did. They say Trump directed his personal lawyer Michael Cohen to arrange illegal hush-money payments as a way to quash potential sex scandals during the campaign.

Prominent Margarita Simonyan, editor in chief of Kremlin "propaganda channel" RT said: 'The fact that Mueller did not find any conspiracy is certainly good.

But Mueller drew no conclusion about whether Trump's actions during the investigation amounted to obstruction of justice, according to the Barr summary.

"The report found evidence on both sides of the question" on obstruction and "leaves unresolved what the special counsel views as hard issues of law", Mr Barr wrote.

"Maybe what he was doing was leaving it up to the Hill to make a political determination", said Jeffrey Jacobovitz, a Washington white-collar attorney.

The Justice Department and the Special Counsel's Office did not charge the president or his family members with any criminal wrongdoing.

Comey, in a recent opinion article written for The New York Times before Mueller's report was released, said it would put at stake the "apolitical administration of justice".

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler on Sunday called for Barr himself to testify.

But that's just a function, it seems, of the president's flawed temperament.

Mueller's report "leaves unresolved what the Special Counsel views as "difficult issues" of law and fact concerning whether the President's actions and intent could be viewed as obstruction", Barr added.

"For me or anyone to have an informed opinion on the substance of whether that opinion by right, you need to know more about the evidence", Sandick said.

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