Proposed bill would require Missourians to purchase an AR-15

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Missouri lawmaker introduces bill that would require residents to own AR-15 semi-automatic rifles

And yes, that's the very weapon targeted by gun reform activists and in an ongoing lawsuit filed by families of victims killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.

A proposed bill introduced by Missouri Representative Andrew McDaniel would require all Missouri state residents to own an AR-15 rifle.

"From alcohol-fueled bar fights, to advancing legislation that would allow anyone to carry a concealed weapon anywhere from bars to daycares, to mandating gun ownership with a tax subsidy for gun manufacturers, the Missouri GOP rarely wastes an opportunity to embarrass themselves or our state", the Missouri Democratic Party said in a written statement. It defines a "resident" as "a resident of the state who is 18 years or older and under 35 years old, who is not prohibited by law or court order from possessing a firearm".

Under the bill, state residents are given one year to purchase an AR-15 if they do not already own one. McDaniel says if anything moves forward, he would focus on tax credits and strip out the other elements.

Still, it's not clear what would happen to residents refusing to get strapped, as neither bill addresses penalties for those who do not dutifully go gun shopping.

As it's now written, McDaniel's AR-15 bill would also grant Missourians with individual tax credits to purchase their firearms.

McDaniel also recently introduced the "McDaniel Second Amendment Act", which would require all adults in Missouri who are legally eligible to own firearms to do so. Using the same very rough math, McDaniel's bill would encourage more than a million new AR-15-style rifle purchases. We're guessing that $1 million tax credit would be exhausted quickly.

McDaniel, who is a former sheriff's deputy, told the Associated Press that he knows his bill has no chance of becoming law.

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