Performance enhancing pigment? 2020 Ford Mustang's Grabber Lime paint is 'on steroids'

Ford Mustang Gets Grabber Lime Paint In Honor Of St. Paddy’s Day

2020 Ford Mustang Gains Grabber Lime Color In Time For St. Patrick’s Day

The 2020 Shelby GT500 pictured here wears a special shade of Grabber Lime for Saint Patrick's Day. Inspired by the hue sprayed on '70s pony cars, Grabber Lime is a striking color for those who don't mind attracting some attention. "And your vehicle is an extension of that".

Now we get to learn about an awesome new color called Grabber Lime that'll be offered on that vehicle and the rest of the Mustang lineup for the 2020 model year. Ford cheekily calls it "more potent than krypton-ite".

Along with a new Iconic Silver and Red Hot Metallic, they signal the Shelby is all about going big and bold, though all four will be available for order on the Mustang GT350 and lower-trim pony cars, too.

The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will have over 700 horsepower and be one of the quickest cars in the world when it goes on sale this fall.

This 1971 Grabber Lime Mustang Boss 351 sold at a Mecum Auction for $87,500
This 1971 Grabber Lime Mustang Boss 351 sold at a Mecum Auction for $87,500

"It's lime green on steroids", said Barb Whalen, Ford color and materials manager, in a press release. "This color traces back to a Mustang heritage color while bringing it forward with more modern, dynamic pigments and bold new energy", she explains.

Ford has a hybrid Mustang in the works, but you'll be able to buy a very green one before it arrives.

Now, we don't know if any of that is true, but undoubtedly there will be more than a few people who are stoked for the return of bright, garish colors to muscle cars.

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