Australian senator blames immigrants for mosque attacks

In this image made from video a teenager breaks an egg on the head of Senator Fraser Anning while he holds a press conference

Christchurch shooting: Sajid Javid slams Australian Senator Fraser Anning over comments

Fraser Anning, an Australian senator who blamed Muslims for the recent massacres at two mosques in New Zealand, was hit in the head with a raw egg while speaking Saturday.

A staffer for Mr Anning then separates the senator from the young man, while supporters of the senator tackle the teenager to the ground.

The Victoria Police in its statement said they had arrested 17-year-old in connection to the incident.

On Friday, at least 49 people were killed following a shooting spree at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Senator Fraser Anning was called out for implying that Muslim immigration was to blame for the shootings. Videos of the altercation quickly spread on Twitter, where Anning's statement and the subsequent disavowals had introduced the fringe politician to a global audience just one day earlier.

A fundraising page has already been set up to raise cash to cover the teen's legal bills, should he accrue any, as well as cover the cost of "more eggs".

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a media briefing
Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a media briefing

On Saturday, television cameras captured the moment when a 17-year-old boy, holding a phone, smashing an egg onto Anning's head while he held a news conference in Melbourne.

"Rather than demonstrating empathy and compassion, he has chosen instead to vent his racist prejudice and hatred against Islam and Muslims by blaming the victims instead of the criminal perpetrators", he said in a statement today.

While such a reprimand is a symbolic gesture, the major parties expect to demonstrate how isolated Anning's views are among Australia's 226 federal lawmakers. The KAP was initially punished for not denouncing Anning's "final solution" speech but eventually expelled him for the comments. "And he should be, frankly, ashamed of himself".

The alleged murderer, Australian Brenton Tarrant, is said to have committed the crimes because he saw Muslim immigrants as 'invaders'.

Mr Shorten said Senator Anning was "chasing a headline" and wondered whether his comments had made Australians less safe overseas.

Calling Friday one of the country's "darkest days", New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the shootings as a "well-planned terrorist attack".

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