Unexplained Launch Pads Are Appearing in Apex Legends

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Many fans have started to speculate that the jump pads may be teasing the release of Apex's next legend Octane. Respawn Entertainment, the developer that brought us Titanfall, has struck gold with their new free-to-play game that will be getting a Fortnite-esque battle pass in the upcoming weeks.

It is unclear if the launch pads now in the game will be removed or are permanent, but many players have already started using them in fun and creative ways. In our post, a screenshot showcasing Octane's abilities were detailed, and it mentioned how his ultimate ability is the "Launch Pad", which lets characters catapult themselves into the air. For now, there doesn't appear to be a limit on how many times a pad can be used, so you can bounce around without restriction. One of his abilities is rumored to be a jump pad that will allow him to escape from enemies by bouncing away, and Respawn has begun dropping those same jump pads throughout the game. A Swift Mend passive is said to automatically restore health over time, and a tactical called Adrenaline Junkie is supposed to drain 10% of Octane's health in exchange for eight seconds of boosted speed.

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