Huawei Has an Android Alternative, But It Doesn't Want to Use It

Fearing the Worst, Huawei Ready With “Plan B” Should It be Banned...

Huawei prepared own OS in case of Android, Windows ban

Should things get real ugly, and Huawei is banned from using Google's Android OS on its smartphones or Windows on its computers, the company already has backup operating systems in place.

'We have prepared our own operating system.

The company's homegrown software was briefly brought up in an interview between Huawei consumer business group chief Richard Yu and German media outlet Die Welt.

Yu also mentioned a 1000-euro foldable phone a year or two from now, a 100- or 200-inch device display using glasses. It presently holds about 34% marketshare in the domestic mid- to high-end market, and expects the ratio to reach 50% by the end of this year, Yu was quoted as saying in a Cailian Press report.

Huawei may have a "plan B" in case its relationship with the U.S. gets even rockier.

He said Huawei never meant to produce home appliances by itself, but to establish a new and open smart ecosystem to help the transformation of traditional home appliance makers.

Huawei is cautious of export bans.

In the US, Huawei would have zero chance without the Android OS. That Huawei may face a similar ban is not out of the realm of possibility. After all, they do make their own smartphone processors. It doesn't, however, have laptop processors, relying mostly on US-made Intel chips. The news was spotted earlier Thursday by the South China Morning Post.

Huawei has reportedly developed its own operating system. "Android and Windows will always remain our first choices".

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