Hearthstone Expansion Rise of Shadows Announced


Hearthstone"Rise of Shadows Expansion

Moustache-twirling cartoon supervillainy is the theme of Hearthstone's next expansion, Rise Of Shadows.

A group of five, previous Hearthstone enemies have returned to form their very own group called the League of E.V.I.L.

Like every Hearthstone expansion, there are enough new keywords to keep the game fresh. While the first chapter of the Rise Of Shadows PvE segment will be free, the remaining four will either cost 700 gold each, or $19.99 for the full set.

After suffering defeat at the hands of the League of Explorers, Arch-Thief Rafaam realised that his designs on Azeroth would require more roguery than he alone could muster. "We don't want to introduce 135 new cards, we want to answer the "and then" question", Ben Thompson, creative director of Hearthstone told Newsweek at a preview event in Los Angeles.

Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows releases April 9. In Rise of Shadows, these ne'er-do-wells will once again act on their nefarious intentions, aided by Hearthstone players looking to get their hands dirty.

In addition to their promising player cohort, the League of E.V.I.L. also has Lackeys to boss around-1/1 minions with a variety of diabolical Battlecries.

Intriguingly, Rise of Shadows is going to include some cards that seem specifically created to undermine absurdly powerful combos. There's a 50-pack Rise of Shadows bundle that includes the Jewel of Lazul card back for $50 (around Rs. 3,500) and a $80 (around Rs. 5,600) 80-card pack Mega Bundle with a Golden Legendary card, Jewel of Lazul card back and the Madame Lazul priest hero card. Scheme cards are spells that start weak and grow stronger for each turn that they're in your hand. They're also callbacks to the respective villain's powers; for instance, Shaman gets the Hagatha's Scheme card, which replicates the battlecry of the Hagatha hero card by dealing an increasing amount of damage to all minions. Wait until just the right moment to spring the trap!

Callback Cards: since Hearthstone's villains are returning, some of their cards would be a bit familiar. For example, Priest's new spell Forbidden Words kills minions based on your mana investment, acting as the inverse of Forbidden Shaping from Whispers of the Old Gods. Madame Lazul is the main troll from the teaser trailers who hasn't been since she warned players of their impending doom in the cinematic for Whispers of the Old Gods.

TWICE THE TRICKERY - Cause double trouble for your opponent by using Spells with the new Twinspell keyword! When cast, Spells with Twinspell add a copy of themselves to the caster's hand. Kalecgos is a ten-mana 4/12 Mage card, who, while active on the field, reduces the cost of the first spell you play each turn to zero. "We don't want to inundate people with all these things and assume that they knew what these terms are", Thompson said.

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