Developers of Castle Crashers, The Behemoth all but confirm Switch version

Castle Crashers Appears To Be Getting A Nintendo Switch Tease

Behemoth beat 'em up Castle Crashers teased for Switch

While The Behemoth stopped short of making an official announcement, the message is clear.

Castle Crasher developer The Behemoth shared an image on Twitter that appears to be some sort of hint towards a possible port or release of the 2D beat 'em up game. You can check it out for yourself below.

Nintendo Switch has become a treasure trove of fantastic indie adventures over the past two years.

If this isn't a teaser of things to come, we're not sure what is.

Castle Crashers first launched for Xbox 360 in August 2008, followed by PlayStation 3 in August 2010, PC and Mac in September 2012, and Xbox One in September 2015. The game was great for both couch co-op and online. You and up to three other friends chose one of many adorable characters, equipped yourself with a wide variety of weapons, and beat the crap out of a bunch of evildoers. This is a game so tempting that I bought it to play on my old, absolutely unqualified laptop and still made it through to the end. The game had some RPG-lite mechanics that kept me coming back over and over again to level up all of my characters.

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