Huawei’s Android alternative OS now viable, it confirms

Huawei CEO denies he's under Beijing's thumb

Huawei has reportedly developed its own OS in case it can't use Android, Windows

Huawei admitted this week that it has developed its own smartphone and PC operating systems as an emergency measure.

Huawei envisages its battle with the Authorities could lead to a final ban on the export of US-made products and services like Android and Windows and is making all moves to obviate the effects on the company should it get to that.

He added that the company developed in-house mobile operating systems to be used in circumstances when Android and Windows are no longer on the table, possibly in a scenario when US-based companies are ordered to cut off ties with the Chinese electronics giant. As a matter of fact, media reports were coming in last year, when it was said the company was already "years" into building its OS.

"We have prepared our own operating system". We last heard about Huawei's own Android OS rival back in May previous year.

Huawei's CFO was looking for new employment opportunities when she was busted, according to her father. The project was reportedly started under Huawei's founder Ren Zhengfei. That Huawei may face a similar ban is not out of the realm of possibility. Other nations will make their own. We work with many U.S. companies, including Qualcomm and Microsoft.

A Huawei spokesperson quoted by the South China Morning Post confirmed the interview quote, also echoing Yu's sentiments regarding their continued preference for the US-made OSes.

Chinese technology giant Huawei filed a lawsuit against the United States government last week as a "last resort" to get a federal ban on the use of its products lifted. The firm says that it will continue to use Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows platforms for mobile devices and laptops, it won't wait to bring its proprietary OS to devices if required.

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