Dark mode arrives in Slack's iOS and Android apps

Slack brings dark mode to its Android and iOS apps in the latest update

Dark mode arrives in Slack's iOS and Android apps

For those of us attached to our phones or laptops during all hours of the day, Dark Mode offers a welcome alternative to the searing whiteness that usually greets our eyeballs. Entering your name and the email associated with your Slack account will put you on the list to join the beta. However, it seems that the feature can be activated by anyone who signs up for Slack's beta testing program (via The Verge).

The popularity of the dark mode option in smartphone apps has been growing, while a confirmation by Google also suggested it directly affects battery life.

Once approved the app can be updated accordingly, you'll then have a toggle that will allow you to turn the mode on in settings.

Click on continue and the app will restart with Dark mode.

Slack says the update is rolling out today, but we haven't seen it show up yet. It takes a lot of work to get dark mode in Facebook Messenger since you have to send yourself or someone else the moon emoji. Just make sure you have the latest update before you go looking. "Ease your eyes by switching to a darker colour theme for reading and writing - especially in low-light settings", the app suggested.

It's the same with Notes - if you don't like the dark backgrounds dark mode introduces, you can switch back this element via Notes, Preferences, and Use dark backgrounds for note content.

For many workplaces - including BetaNews - Slack is the way workers stay in touch with each other.

There are so many tools and features in Slack that can help make you a more productive team member and many ways to maximize the use of the app. Once there, you'll see an option to "Join Beta".

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