Twitter is testing drastic changes to its app, adds new camera

Biggest Twitter update in latest years brings new camera and geo feature

Twitter is testing drastic changes to its app, adds new camera

The new in-app camera sounds exactly like the one Facebook and Instagram added to be more like Snapchat: you swipe left from the main screen to access it, and your photo or video can be made more annoying with overlaid text, hashtags etc.

Bloomberg reported more than a year ago that Twitter was developing the feature with a working demo version. First off, this update is all about photos and videos.

Oddly, you're not now allowed to upload existing images to the new feature, so tough luck if you took a flawless sunset photo in your actual camera app and wanted to post it with #blessed. Twitter said that it's updating the camera to make it easier and faster to capture and share media content.

The social media giant that is Twitter has announced that it will be making some massive changes to how the website will look to users. Recently, Twitter has increased the pace of new product introductions.

The most notable new feature is the ability to quickly access the camera in the app. Conversations now appear rounded, similar to a chat, with indentations and color-coded markers to make the discussion easier to follow.

Taking cues from Kanye West, buttons for likes, retweets, replies, and shares are hidden, until a user taps on an individual tweet.

Twitter has launched a prototype app called Twttr, which will be used to test new features in a bid to promote "healthy conversation".

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