Priyanka ‘Sizzles’ as Hubby Nick Jonas Compliments Ex-Bae Miley Cyrus

Priyanka Chopra Agrees That Nick Jonas' Ex Miley Cyrus' Insta Posts Are Lit

Priyanka Chopra's epic reply to Miley Cyrus on sharing ex Nick Jonas' Instagram DM wins hearts

"Indian actress Priyanka Chopra "sizzled" in more ways than one as she commented on a "hot" Instagram post of her hubby Nick Jonas" ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus. Well, today is a new day and there is a new reason to be talking about Priyanka.

The Close singer bought the Maybach for his wife after the Jonas Brother's song Sucker reached the top spot on the Billboard charts, the Daily Mail reports.

Priyanka reacted by posting, "LOL". Herself and the other bahus of the Jonas household were in the video. Introducing.Extra Chopra Jonas. haha.I love you baby!

Cape Town - Nick Jonas is husband goals!

In her post, Priyanka said this, "When the hubby goes number one. the wifey gets a maybach!" Let's admit it that keeping your ex in your life when you have moved on and married the love of your life is probably quite the hardest thing to do.

I also have something to add- Priyanka was not the only Jonas bahu to feature in the video, so where is everyone else's vehicle. As someone who's been squarely in the spotlight since her 2011 GOT debut at age 16 it just seemed easier to date someone who got "it", the fact that her time wasn't always hers and sometimes they would need to make do with on-the-fly dates and Facetime catch-ups. "You bring them around friends and see if they can handle themselves well-that's usually a good test".

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