Lori Loughlin’s Daughter: ‘I Don’t Really Care About School’

Olivia Jade Lori Loughlin and Bella Giannulli The Women's Cancer Research Fund hosts An Unforgettable Evening Arrivals Beverly Wilshire Hotel Los Angeles USA- 28 Feb 2019

Olivia Jade Lori Loughlin and Bella Giannulli. CREDIT Rob Latour Shutterstock

A spokeswoman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed to ET that there is an arrest warrant out for Lori, who was out of town and not at her house when authorities showed up.

But it's sadly not over for the YouTube star and freshman at USC as she's facing losing lucrative brand sponsorships and deals. She started her beauty vlogger career long before college, though.

While Loughlin quickly deleted all of her social media accounts once she made bail, Jade, and Giannulli have left their profiles up. "I just love all of it".

"I'm so happy with my results so far!" Before her admission at USC, Jade attended the famed Marymount High School.

On a serious note, I still can't believe this whole story about the college admissions bribery scandal is real. She was filming in Vancouver when the feds came looking for her. Get a degree and something else. Olivia has made controversial comments about college in the past, saying she "didn't care about school" and "wanted to go to parties and game days".

"We know a lot of people in that circle and it was really shocking", she said. Give it your all.

"It's disgusting that your parents tried to teach you that money and scamming people is the only way to get through life". That's all you can do.' And that's enough, in my opinion, especially with kids.

She added, "I think we've put so much pressure and stress on them. I will never shop at Sephora again unless you drop this like a hot potato". "I don't really care about school, as you guys all know".

Given the allegations against Loughlin and her husband, clearly these interviews have not aged well.

On Tuesday, news broke that celebrities including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were charged in a massive fraud bust. Fox News noted that Loughlin had been filming a movie in Vancouver.

While Giannulli and her sister are in no way responsible for their parents' mistakes (according to reports, the students involved were allegedly unaware at the time, and are not being prosecuted) it still makes the case more puzzling that Loughlin would allegedly commit fraud so her daughter could attend college - when she doesn't seem that interested in going to school.

According to the indictment, Loughlin and Giannulli "agreed to pay bribes totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the USC crew team - despite the fact that they did not participate in crew - thereby facilitating their admission to USC". Andrew Lelling, the United States attorney for MA stated that the people arrested include nine coaches, two examination administrators, one exam proctor, one college administrator and 33 parents.

While the implications of the scandal are far-reaching, everyone wants to know if the kids were aware of the scam.

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