Student Led Global Climate Change Protests

Student Led Global Climate Change Protests

Student Led Global Climate Change Protests

The reason? A lack of action on climate change.

Students prepare their signage for the schools strike for climate change.

She's a Sydney teenager and part of the committee of climate strikers organising the Sydney leg of the school strike on Friday. The protest actions are based on the school strike of Thunberg, which had begun in August 2018, in order to demonstrate in front of the Parliament in Stockholm for a stronger commitment of Sweden against climate change.

As well as marches in Dublin and Cork, there will be strike events outside local authority offices in counties from Kerry to Donegal, Meath to Galway, and locally at school gates across the country.

This follows the massive climate strike in December previous year, inspired by Swedish school student Greta Thunberg, who sparked a global movement by camping out outside of the Swedish Parliament every Friday.

"And our government refused to listen".

"We need to emphasize that climate change isn't fake news; that it's real, [and] that it's going to affect us in the very near future", she said.

"A lot of politicians are informed but they're not doing anything about it, even when they have the power to do something and we don't", Noor said.

Local groups including Byron Shire Climate Emergency Guidance Group, Zero Emissions Byron, COREM, Creative Mullumbimy, The Brunswick Valley Historical Society and Mullum SEED issued a statement of support for the students.

Max Prestigiacomo of Middleton High School and Sophie Guthier of Memorial High School are two of the students planning the strike.

Fellow co-organiser, Year 12 Coffs Harbour Senior College student Caitlin Zugajev, said adults are also being urged to join the rally. Thousands of students have followed her example ever since.

American teen Kate Anchondo, who is organizing a school strike in San Diego, California, said: "I am anxious, and angry that we let it get this far".

"With our collective energy, the intention of this strike is to actively embody the vision ... for a safe, equitable, and sustainable future for all", said UVic student organizer Antonia Paquin. They focus on vital issues that threaten young people's wellbeing.

She says the world is essentially in meltdown, and the impact of a few hours off school pales in comparison to the likely impact of climate change on the lives of today's children.

"Above all, it is a message that should unsettle us all into action - hope is not enough when the wellbeing and survival of the planet and those who inhabit it are at stake".

We are too young to be able to do that. The world's children are reminding us that we have a big debt to repay and an earth to fix and restore.

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