Pentagon Warns That Russia, China Threaten U.S. Space Dominance

New Pentagon report warns of Russian and Chinese laser threats to US satellites

Defense Intelligence Agency report aims to educate public on space security

China was also developing satellite inspection and fix techniques - some of which could function as weapons and speed up the development of space debris removal technology, the report said.

Space is integral to America's economic and commercial success. "'The future of war" USA and China have seen relations deteriorate grow across a range of fronts in the past year, from trade tensions with the Trump administration to diplomatic and military disputes.

Beijing has criticized a recent US report accusing China and Russian Federation of attempting to militarize outer space, the apparent justification for President Donald Trump's ambitious global missile defense plan.

"The PLA owns and operates about half of these ISR systems, most of which could support monitoring, tracking and targeting of U.S. and allied forces worldwide, especially throughout the Indo-Pacific region", it said. China was excluded from the International Space Station largely due to concerns over its space program's connections to the military and USA legislation barring such cooperation.

A new US intelligence report warns that both China and Russian Federation are investing in weapons that could attack USA satellites and assets in space, and that both nations are now preparing to use space as a battlefield.

China has demonstrated an anti-satellite missile and is working on a laser that could attack USA properties in space.

China had set up a strategic support force to integrate cyberspace, space and electronic warfare capabilities into joint military operations, it claimed.

Russia's numerous attempts to prevent the deployment of weapons in space have always faced resistance from the United States, which made Moscow think that Washington aspired for complete freedom in terms of weapons' installation in outer space and was not interested in peaceful initiatives. Space's role in commercial and civilian applications is growing, and it is absolutely vital to employing the USA military, DIA officials noted.

The Pentagon lists India as one of the nine countries and one worldwide organisation which can independently launch spacecraft: China, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, the United States, and the European Space Agency (from French Guiana).

Russian Federation and China introduced a proposal to ban the placement of weapons to the United Nations Conference on Disarmament over a decade ago in 2008. "As the number of satellites grows, so does the threats posed by space debris", the official said.

The agency, the Defense Department's in-house intelligence operation, warned that lasers that could damage USA satellites were of particular concern.

Space is the enabling domain for many capabilities, from hand-held devices to precision navigation.

Both countries are developing an arsenal of anti-satellite weaponry including missiles, cyber attacks, and "directed energy weapons", according to the US Defense Intelligence Agency.

"Space is fundamental to US prosperity", the Pentagon official said.

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