Mo’Nique & Steve Harvey Fail Miserably As Peacemakers: Watch Footage

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"I want them to know you are caring, a great mother, you are an incredible mother", Steve said holding her hand and looking into her eyes.

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"This is my brother, and when I heard you go on the air and you said 'My sister done burned too many bridges and there's nothing I can do for her now.' Steve, do you know how hurt I was?"

But throughout their conversation, Harvey stands on the side of, while there was nothing wrong with Mo'Nique speaking out, the way she went about it, including by getting on stage during a comedy show and saying Winfrey, Perry and Daniels could suck the d-k she doesn't have, was all wrong. She said that all of those people, Harvey included, had told her privately that she didn't do anything wrong, but publicly, wouldn't stand up for her.

When she asked why Harvey didn't publicly come to her defense in the Netflix boycott, he said, "This is the money game, this ain't the black man's game, this ain't the white man's game, this is the money game ..."

Mo'Nique explained inequality pushed her to go to the "extreme" and do a boycott. She began her acceptance speech by saying, "First, I would like to thank the academy for showing that it can be about the performance and not the politics".

The Oscar victor has previously said she was blacklisted by powerful people, after she refused to campaign for the award-winning 2009 film Precious, without receiving additional pay.

Mo'Nique was recently making headlines for calling for a boycott of Netflix, after claiming she was lowballed, getting an offer for $500K for a comedy special while Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock both got $20 million.

"I don't want to lose your gift to the world because we trying to prove a point when we can prove the point by doing it in a more loving way", Harvey told the comedian following a heated discussion on Wednesday's episode of his show. I love you like a sister, I hate what is happening to you. I don't like the fact that you've been blackballed. "You're too talented to have to worry about all this, 'Where's the next [paycheck] coming from?'" he said.

He continued, "These people owe you an apology". Then I'm going to ask you to tell these people and apologize for some bashing [that you did]. "You owe those people an apology". "I'm going to do my best to get the conversations that need to be had between you and these people ..." We can't come out here and do it any way we want to.

Mo'Nique now has a residency in Las Vegas at the SLS Hostel and Casino, becoming the first black female comedian to do so.

Thankfully, I am not alone in this thinking. "For me, that little girl who's not here yet, she means everything to me".

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