Leaked: Google Pixel 4, Pixel Lite And Pixel Watch

Google Pixel 4 may get dual SIM support like the iPhone

Google may unveil Pixel 3 Lite and new smartwatch in 2019

According to “one person with direct knowledge of the matter”, Google will launch a new Nest home security camera. According to sources speaking to the Nikkei Asian Review, that's set to launch later in 2019. After playing with the premium smartphones for several years, now the Search giant is making a move with newer products in the market.

Google has plans to launch a "lite" variation of its top-tier Pixel smartphone lineup and a new smartwatch in 2019, in order to grow the use of its ecosystem, based on statements from industry sources reported by Tokyo's Nikkei newspaper. The source also confirmed the existence of the Pixel 3 Lite - a cheaper variant of Google's current Pixel range that we've talked about before. The Pixel 2 and 3 already offer eSIM support along with a physical SIM, but both of them do not work at the same time.

The new Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite is rumoured to be launching on the Verizon network in the United States this spring.

While product names haven't been mentioned for these devices, we can easily speculate that the next premium phones from Google will be called Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Android Police believes Google will take the wraps off a new Google Home Hub smart display with a larger screen - potentially closer to the 10-inch display seen on the rival Amazon Echo Show. A budget Pixel 3 Lite.

Last but not least, Google will release its first smartwatch.

What Google hardware are you most looking forward to?

Nikkei doesn't specify the pricing of the new device, just that it will come it at under $749 where the iPhone XR is.

Google I/O also sounds like the ideal opportunity to unveil a second-generation Google Home smart speaker. It is unclear whether this means an entirely new speaker or just updated specs to the old one but we expect Google to bring an entirely new speaker with the same design cues as the original. With Nest merged into Google proper any new hardware out of that department would be courtesy of Google at some level, and Nest releases new cams all the time.

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