House to vote on ending USA involvement in Yemen war

The U.S.-backed Saudi military campaign in Yemen has contributed to a mass hunger crisis there

ASSOCIATED PRESS The U.S.-backed Saudi military campaign in Yemen has contributed to a mass hunger crisis there

President Trump is expected to veto the bill if it passes after White House officials have claimed the US does not have military presence in Yemen and the matter is not a subject to congressional vote.

In an unprecedented move, the US House of Representatives approved on Wednesday a resolution halting the US role in Yemen and directly challenging President Donald Trump's military leadership. The US President threatened to veto such bill, also a first in Trump's presidency. The Senate is expected to vote in the coming weeks, where the resolution may pass by a narrow margin.

The administration - and many of Trump's fellow Republicans in Congress - said the resolution was inappropriate because USA forces had provided aircraft refueling and other support in the Yemen conflict, not combat troops.

Two weeks ago, the White House issued a veto threat against the resolution, saying in a statement of administration policy that the "premise of the joint resolution is flawed" and that USA assistance to the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen is "limited". A parallel resolution was passed by the Senate late past year in a 56-to-41 vote. It also said the measure would harm relationships in the region and hurt the us ability to prevent the spread of violent extremism. A similar measure passed the Republican-controlled chamber during the last Congress by a 56 to 41 vote when seven Republican senators broke with the White House and crossed the aisle to vote with their Democratic colleagues.

The United States has supported the Saudi-led air campaign against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen with mid-air refueling support, intelligence and targeting assistance.

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