California Officers Fatally Shoot Rapper At Taco Bell Drive-Thru

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An aspiring rapper who fell asleep in his auto outside a Vallejo, Calif., Taco Bell was shot dead by six police officers, his family has said. "No one trusts the police in Vallejo", said David Harrison, McCoy's cousin. Harrison did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot's request for comments.

A California rapper who was shot and killed by police on Saturday was sleeping and not threatening officers with the handgun found on his lap prior to his death, his family said. The man was declared dead at the scene after lifesaving efforts failed.

Harrison later posted a Facebook video saying his cousin was asleep in the vehicle and slammed the police department for opening fire.

Police received a call at 10:30 p.m. when an employee of the restaurant on Admiral Callaghan Lane reported that a driver was slumped over in the driver's seat of a silver Mercedes. As backup was called and the officers on-scene continued assessing the situation, police said the driver "suddenly" moved, according to a statement. The driver did not comply and instead, he quickly moved his hands downward for the firearm.

In 2015 Oakland police also killed a man found passed out in his vehicle, with authorities claiming he abruptly woke up and reached for a gun in the passenger seat.

"In fear for their own safety, the officers discharged their weapons at the driver".

The outlets notes that it has been reported that all six officers who were investigating the crime fired shots, but there is now no word on how many shots hit McCoy.

"There was no attempt to try to work out a peaceful solution", McCoy said.

"My little brother was just shot for no reason", he said, according to CBS News. "Why wouldn't you be safe while you wake him up and then [say] 'Driver, exit the car"?"

In an emotional Facebook video, Mr Harrison pleaded with other young people to listen to their parents and keep away from cops. "He was only 21 years old", Harrison says in an emotional video. "They shot him 20 mother f*cking times, in a mother f*cking vehicle asleep".

"My little cousin was asleep in the auto, and they shot him 20 [expletive] times", Harrison said in a Facebook Live video.

Mr McCoy's family has hired civil rights attorney John Burris - who recently took on a case where a homeless man sleeping in Oakland was killed by police - to represent them, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

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