US Hunter Pays $110K to Kill 'Screw Horn Goat'

Pakistan’s national animal

Pakistan’s national animal

A photograph of Harlan sitting proudly with his kill, showing the majestic markhor with its symmetrical spiralling horns (which can grow to a length of 1.5m in some cases) angered many. The animal was shot dead during a tourist expedition to Gilgit-Baltistan, a northern Himalayan region in Pakistan.

Mr Harlan also said his visit to the country along others should boost tourism in the country, which has been ailing in the country since 9/11, according to local hunters in the region.

Bryan Kinsel Harlan, pictured here on a different hunt, reportedly paid the highest ever fee for a hunting permit in Pakistan. "I am pleased to take this trophy", he told Pakistani television.

"And as that happens, it reduces the poaching and - something that is often overlooked - the amount of wages that are brought to that hunt, the amount of food, and the amount of foreign investment", he added. I saved the markhors for the last'. Pakistani officials and conservation groups told the news outlet the hunts saved the animal from extinction.

Harlan's latest target was seen standing on a rock with a younger markhor when it suddenly leapt in the air after being struck by the Texas hunter's bullet.

The conservation group Green Global Travel said the markhor's progress is "one of the world's little-known conversation success stories".

A third said: "Why kill such a lovely animal?"

Classed as an endangered species until 2015, it is now considered "near-threatened" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature after its numbers began to increase.

American trophy hunter pays $110G to hunt rare mountain goat in Pakistan
Texas big game hunter paid Pakistan $110K to kill rare Himalayan screw-horn goat

Pakistani authorities claim that 80% of $110,000 fee goes back to the community while the remaining will go to wildlife agencies, as reported by the Washington Post. They can be found in northern Pakistan.

To stop the precipitous population decline, Pakistan banned all local hunting, but continues to allow foreigners to hunt no more than 12 male goats per season in "community conservation areas".

'This is not just about hunting, ' Ullah said.

In the YouTube video, Harlan remarks that Pakistan is a handsome country that more people should visit.

'You're missing out, ' he says.

Harlan, a founding partner of Plano-based Benchmark Mortgage, has not spoken publicly about the hunts when contacted by USA media outlets.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Harlan earned an MBA in finance from Dallas Baptist University in 2004 after graduating from Texas Christian University in 1997 with a degree in finance and psychology.

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