Red Bull launches RB15

F1 in 2019: Max Verstappen debuts deceptive Red Bull RB15

Red Bull unveil livery change on new F1 car for 2019

Red Bull Racing has unveiled its Honda-powered RB15, the Formula 1 auto with which it will compete in the 2019 season, in a striking "one-off livery".

The RB15 auto was launched with temporary red-and-black livery.

Renault and Red Bull broke ties last season largely because of the reliability issues that Red Bull were facing.

Introducing the new Red Bull.with a colour scheme we were not expecting! "It felt good and we had no problems, so very happy with that".

Red Bull parted company with engine partners Renault at the end of 2018, switching to Honda, who also provide power units for sister team Toro Rosso.

The four-times champions have switched engine supplier for the new season.

Max Verstappen is shaking down RB15 at Silverstone this morning.

"I was really excited to jump in the auto and as soon as we got going it felt pretty normal", he said. "I really want to feel how it upshifts, downshifts, how the driveability is, how much power there is".

"But you're so dependent on what you get as a package you just have to wait".

"With Honda, we're expecting a lot, we're all very positive but I think it also needs to take a little bit of time, it can not be from race one it will be ideal". So, I'm always quite easy going. "At the moment, I am of course very optimistic, but also realistic and I think time will tell how we are going to perform".

A statement from Red Bull's website hinted the new look could only make a brief appearance, claiming it to be a "special edition livery" for the arrival of the new Honda engines and driver Pierre Gasly. While they will need to give Honda some time before they can realise their true potential, the data has already been very promising.

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