Mom arrested in Florida in death of son who vanished in 1986

Mother, 60, is charged with murdering her three-year-old son more than three decades ago

Mother arrested for felony murder of her son 33 years later

Fleming was arrested nearly 33 years after Yo-Yo disappeared from a swap meet in Las Vegas during August 1986, with the mother always insisting that she and Yo-Yo's stepfather Lee Luster had lost track of the boy shortly before he disappeared.

Amy Elizabeth Fleming, 60, is being extradited to Nevada to face charges of murder of her young son, Francillon Pierre, after being arrested late last month in Florida, where she has been residing, according to the Palm Beach Post.

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Fleming told authorities in 1986 that her son, known as Yo-Yo, disappeared on August 2 when she was at the Broad Acres Swap Meet In Las Vegas with her fiancé Lee Luster. Fleming, who moved to Florida from the Las Vegas area a year after her 3-year-old mysteriously vanished more than 30 years ago, has been arrested on a warrant charging her with killing the boy, authorities said Monday, Feb. 11, 2019. At the time, she claimed the boy wandered off.

Police said detectives have spent more than a year working the case.

The Lusters were awaiting trial when the little boy went missing, according to the Project. The couple, who were charged months earlier with abusing the boy, were suspected of foul play after asking authorities not to publicize the boy's disappearance out of fears that it would be sensationalized by the media.

They had allegedly beat Francillon so bad that they caused 30 to 40 welts to form on his body. Instead, the two pleaded no contest to the charges and were sentenced to five years' probation, the Post reports.

The couple then suggested at one point that Jean Pierre, Amy Luster's former boyfriend and Francillon's biological father, was behind the toddler's disappearance. However, police tracked him down in Haiti and no traces of the boy were ever found.

In 1998, a child's skull was found near Lake Mead, an area Luster had told police he had taken the boy for a camping trip just days before the reported disappearance but it was later determined the remains did not belong to Pierre. He was cleared after he passed a polygraph test. "They stated they still believed Jean had taken Francillon, and that the reason they moved to Florida was to be closer to Haiti, where they believed he was".

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