Fallout 76 Players Get Inside Vault 63… Without Meaning To

Fallout 76 horde event bug is sending players to the inside of Vault 63

Fallout 76 player glitches inside sealed Vault 63, begs Bethesda not to ban them

At this point, glitches and Fallout 76 are something akin to peanut butter and jelly - a pairing so common that it's unusual to think of one without the other.

Players are reporting a bug that fast travels them to Vault 63. It really does beg the question of whether or not Fallout 76 is one of, if not the most, buggy online-only games to date, and how much of the onus falls upon the players to ensure they won't be penalized. Once inside, their group was trapped, and had to fast travel to get out, but they had a poke around while they were inside.

For an unreleased area, Vault 63 seems to be at least mostly finished. Once inside, these players found a spacious, partially furnished vault, complete with overseer's office, wrecked kitchen, and even a terminal reading "Nice Work Assholes" (a possible hidden message for potential hackers?). According to them and a few other players, the Rad-Rat Horde event quest is teleporting players into Vault 63 by mistake.

A player by the name of "McStaken" on Reddit shared details of the latest Fallout 76 bug. After experiencing the bug, they Tweeted Bethesda and submitted a support ticket.

Fallout 76 horde event bug is sending players to the inside of Vault 63
Bethesda confirm Fallout 76's Vault 63 will eventually open its doors after player glitches inside

Obviously, unknowingly accessing an area because your game glitched out isn't something that should be ban-worthy regardless of the game, but there is reason to feel that Bethesda may take a hardline against it.

Last month Bethesda banned players who had managed to make their way into the developer room.

Thankfully, it looks like there's no ban on the horizon for McStaken and his or her band of merry vault-dwellers.

After almost a day of waiting a Bethesda Community Manager saw the post and stated that they "have shared [the info] with the team". Redditor McStaken was one of these players who got stuck in Vault 63, together with several other players.

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