£1k iPhone 2019 Still Won't Have A Fast Charger, It Seems

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But rumor has it that this year's iPhone will ship with the standard Lightning port and 5W USB-A charger, as usual. However, as the iPhone can support fast charging using the Lightning port over the USB Type-C protocol, it's a missed opportunity for Apple to boast about "fast charging out the box" when the new models launch.

The iPad Pro made the switch to USB-C because Apple is trying to position the tablet as a work device, and productivity-focused accessories use USB-C connectors for a myriad of reasons. The iPad Pro now includes an 18W USB-C charging brick in the box, and many had hoped that the latest iPhone would include the same. It's possible Apple could have plans to finally make the jump to the increasingly universal USB-C port for its 2020 iPhones.

About a month ago, a rumor said that Apple might do the unthinkable with the iPhone 11 by replacing the Lightning port with a USB-C port, just like it did with the iPad Pro previous year and just like the ports found on all of Apple's MacBook laptops these days. The report claims Apple stands to profit more from keeping the Lightning-related accessories for at least a few generations of the smartphone.

Until then though, plugging the iPhone into one of Apple's more recently released USB-C MacBooks remains a frustrating experience that requires an additional USB-C-to-Lightning cable.

Instead, users will continue to be forced to shell out the extra cash for a cable peripheral that will allow them to plug their iPhone into their MacBook. Even the bundled iPhone Lightning EarPods will remain incompatible with Apple's laptops without a dongle.

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