William and Harry's game of thrones

Prince Edward

Prince Edward Earl of Wessex | Dan Mullan Getty Images

You wouldn't have to drive anywhere yourself unless you were Prince Philip and decided that you wanted to even though you're genuinely 96-years-old.

Prince William is widely-praised for being the ideal example of a future monarch, but it appears he wasn't always prepared to wear the crown.

Growing into his role: As a young boy William, now 37, would reportedly tell his mother that he didn't want to be king. The British journalist claims the Princess of Wales told him the information over an unexpected lunch.

The revelation came in the final part of legendary broadcaster Jeremy Paxman's Channel 5 series about the Royal Family.

"She was stunningly glamorous, as you can imagine", he said.

Prince William used to tell his mother that he did not wish to be king and his brother, Prince Harry, cheerfully said that he would step in.

She says: "I don't think Charles will stand for her being anything less".

He said: "I remember Diana saying 'if Anne's there I'm off" because Anne would usually say something rather cutting to her'.

Paxman said that he remarked that the palace was "a bit like a prison". So quiet, and yet over there is the bustle of Kensington High Street.

But historian Kate Williams says "the official palace line is that her title is princess consort". "As we go out, you will see all the curtains twitching"'.

February is a romantic month for many, thanks to Valentine's Day, but it's an extra-special one for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, as it marks the anniversary of when they announced their engagement! Prince Harry is third in line.

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