Take a Look At This Apex Legends Weapons Chart

PUBG and Fortnite competitor Apex Legends hits 10 million downloads within 3 days of launch: Here’s why

Apex Legends’ first season of content kicks off in March

The player's Twitch channel is filled with streams of ToeYouUp playing the latter, but the most recent streams have instead featured Apex Legends with one of the streamer's last videos showing off his first win in Respawn Entertainment's battle royale mode. 72 hours on from the release of the game it amassed a whopping 10 million players. One arm hasn't stopped him from performing on stream-and winning his first game of Apex Legends proves that.

"That's why a lot of the streamers switched to fucking Apex, just because of the stream-snipers", he said.

To that end, we've composed a quick guide for you that should help you find and discover the stats you need - whether it's just to satisfy your own curiosity or to brag to all your friends.

The price of the battle pass itself has not been announced either, but an FAQ on the official site confirms the pass will give players access to exclusive cosmetics, but no Legends or anything that'll affect the game. Tfue in particular has been a constant victim of stream snipers, and as he explains in the video, is nearly never able to play a regular game of Fortnite anymore.

This comes courtesy of ShiinaBR (and their ApexUpdate account) on Twitter (as spotted by VG247), a data miner who has been a prolific source of Fortnite leaks in the past, but has now unearthed some very interesting nuggets regarding rival shooter Apex Legends.

Naturally, plenty of Apex Legends players have already been asking for these modes to be introduced, and there has been plenty of chatter for and against the idea.

Bear in mind that you may need to unlock certain stat choices with "crafting materials" that can be found in the game's loot boxes (you're awarded one of these per level).

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