Lindsay Lohan's mom says she's never met her boyfriend of 5 years

Dina Lohan

Dina is totally in love

"YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME", he said, linking to our article on Friday of the celebrity mom, 56, who has been dating a man for five years and has never met him.

Nev Schulman may have someone new to help out.

The reality TV star is left in the CBB house with Kandi, Natalie, Tamar, Tom Green, Ricky Williams and Lolo Jones, following the departure of Anthony Scaramucci, Jonathan Bennett, Ryan Lochte, Joey Lawrence and Kato Kaelin. Like, every day. A lot. "I feel like I know him", she shared. According to Dina, they haven't met yet because he lives in San Francisco, where he takes care of his mother and apparently, he doesn't use FaceTime.

What's his angle? 'I've been talking to him for five years.

"YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME, " Schulman, 34, wrote on Twitter the following day, alongside a screenshot of a news story about Dina's mystery man, in an interaction highlighted by Comments by Celebs. When she overheard how Dina's supposed beau doesn't FaceTime, she couldn't believe it. "Lies!" He's real. I swear, it's insane. However, Lohan is convinced he is not only real but that she is going to marry him someday.

She added, "It's really, really true", noting, "I talk to his mom!" "I talk to his ma". Even then, Lohan insisted the relationship is "real" and "some guys just don't use iPhones". "I'll come with you, but he don't wanna meet me", she joked.

The MTV host rose to fame after co-directing and starring in the 2010 documentary film version of Catfish, in which he traveled across the country to meet a woman he'd fallen in love with online, only to discover she wasn't who she claimed to be. In the film, Schulman had an online romance with a woman through Facebook.

During Thursday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Dina Lohan revealed that although she's been talking to "a special someone" for five years, they've never actually met in real life or even FaceTimed.

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