Julian Edelman has gnarly playoff beard shaved off for charity

Julian Edelman Lets Ellen Shave His Playoff Beard For Charity: Video

RIP, Julian Edelman’s beard

Taking his coach's words far too literally, Edelman put his razor in the drawer before this past season began and made a decision to just let it all grow, to the point where his beard expanded past the contours of Edelman's rather compact head to become its own separate entity. Ellen offered to donate $10,000 to one of his favorite charities, the Boys & Girls Club of America, in exchange for shaving the beard off. Edelman agreed to it, and even matched her $10K donation.

"I love you, beard", he joked before Ellen buzzed his face.

The show won't air until this afternoon, but you can check out the footage in the video embedded below. And my mother, being the loving little lady that she is, I was never late to a practice, she was always there.

Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots and girlfriend Linda Holliday talk with the media during Super Bowl LIII Opening Night at State Farm Arena on January 28, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Boston's first couple have been celebrating the Patriots' Super Bowl win over the Los Angeles Rams. Edelman was named the Most Valuable Player.

Belichick has this thing that he says: 'Put everything in the drawer and [don't] worry about it until it's done. "I have to shower after I eat".

Before the big shave, Edelman said that winning the Super Bowl - he brought the gleaming Lombardi Trophy with him - is what's most important, but the MVP recognition gave him something personally as well. Ellen shaved it off.

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