Imran Khan's comments egregious insult to all citizens of India: MEA

They are expected to meet on Sunday in Dubai for discussing issues that have held up negotiations

They are expected to meet on Sunday in Dubai for discussing issues that have held up negotiations

"Pakistan prime minister has demonstrated his lack of understanding about India's secular polity and ethos", the MEA said in a strongly-worded statement.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb on Sunday accused the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government of having already covertly implemented tough conditions of the International Monetary Fund without placing them before parliament and it's now hoodwinking the masses by holding "theatrical meetings" in Dubai.

The MEA had in January said there was no seriousness in Khan's statement that India was not ready for talks with Pakistan. "I also highlighted that decisive policies and a strong package of economic reforms would enable Pakistan to restore the resilience of its economy and lay the foundations for stronger and more inclusive growth".

"Pakistan would do well to focus on its domestic challenges and improve conditions of its citizens rather than try and divert attention", the MEA spokesperson said while adding that Pakistan's "latest attempts to play with minority sentiment in India will be rejected by the people of India".

Meanwhile, PM Imran Khan also met Lebanese Prime Minister Saad El-Din Rafik Al-Hariri on the sidelines of World Government Summit in Dubai.

In a speech at the summit on Sunday, Khan said the government faced a massive fiscal deficit when it took office a year ago and was making efforts to cut it, though global investors were already showing confidence.

Reports in Pakistani media had on Friday quoted Imran Khan saying that his government would ensure equal status and rights to all minorities living inside Pakistan.

Khan has launched a highly publicised austerity drive since being sworn in, including auctioning off government-owned luxury vehicles and buffaloes, in addition to seeking loans from "friendly countries" and making overtures to the International Monetary Fund.

Islamabad also secured $6 billion in funding from Saudi Arabia and struck a 12-month deal for a cash lifeline during Khan's visit to the kingdom in October.

Christine Lagarde has said that the multilateral institution stands ready to support Pakistan which is facing economic headwinds.

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