Green New Deal is grassroots effort

‘Brilliant!’ Trump supports Democrats’ Green Dream to ‘eliminate all planes, cars, cows & military’

Republicans mock Green New Deal: 'It's loony'

Ed Markey (D-Mass.) aims to reduce greenhouse gases, among other goals. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) declared on Sunday that the proposal is "absolutely realistic" and represents the kind of ambitious thinking that will be necessary to avoid climate catastrophe.

During her appearance on the NPR podcast a couple of days back, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outlined her stance in regards to her monetary policy and how she plans to restructure the social/economic framework of the United States if her freshly proposed "Green New Deal" is passed by the senate. I'm writing about a solution that addresses both.

While the bill is unlikely to pass in the divided 116th Congress, Progressive Democrats in Congress and grassroots activists are further pushing environmental policy forward into the public mainstream, especially during the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

The 29-year old career bartender turned lead architect and brainchild of the Democrat party recently told the world, it will end in 12 years if she doesn't act now, and act she has, like a fool.

The billionaire businessman and a proud climate change skeptic stopped short of traditionally branding it the "worst deal" ever, but he apparently believes spending trillions to fully transform and rebuild the USA economy would be a waste that'd undermine America's competitive advantage on the world stage.

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