Glendale Police Department releases statement to ABC15 on body camera footage


Screenshot via KSHB

The occupants were a 34-year-old driver; front-seat passenger Johnny Wheatcroft, 37; and rear passenger Anya Chapman, 34.

Schneider then grabbed Wheatcroft's right arm and tried to subdue him, which only aggravated Wheatcroft.

Horrifyingly, Schneider is next seen pulling Wheatcroft's shorts down and placing the taser on the handcuffed man's testicles.

The scene escalated after Wheatcroft was asked to provide identification by the officers, couldn't provide any, then questioned the officers about why they needed to know his name.

When Wheatcroft began to panic, Schneider pointed his taser at his shoulder saying: 'Here's the deal.

Given the temperature of the asphalt, the officers' contorting his body, and the tasing, Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft was writhing in pain while his family watched and screamed for the officers to stop. Daddy are you okay?' and their mother says 'He's not going to do nothing!' Police allege he went to stuff something in his backpack, and, after pressing the taser against his arm and telling him to "relax", Schneider twisted Wheatcroft's arm behind his back and pulled him from the vehicle while still restrained by his seat belt.

'Keep fighting and you're gonna get it again. He then placed the taser on his penis and said, "You want it again?"

This happened while Wheatcroft's two sons-who are 11 and 6-watched in horror from the vehicle.

When he says "I can't breathe, I can't breathe", Schneider says "Shut up".

"For the safety of themselves and those around them, including the minor children, the officers attempted to remove Mr. Wheatcroft from the vehicle so they could maintain a safe eye on him for the duration of the traffic stop as well as conduct a pat down for weapons", Glendale police stated in a release.

Wheatcroft was jailed on suspicion of aggravated assault and resisting arrest, but the charges were later dropped.

"The video speaks for itself", Victor said.

His wife Anya Chapman, 34, who was also in the vehicle was charged with aggravated assault for hitting Officer Lindsey in the head with a bag filled with bottled drinks.

Wheatcroft's charges were dismissed by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office after prosecutors saw the bodycam video, which his lawyers released to media outlets.

Wheatcroft is now in prison for an unrelated burglary charge.

Glendale police said in a statement that Wheatcroft "exhibited verbal non-compliance by refusing to identify himself and failed to obey the officer's instructions".

Glendale Police said that a review of the officers" actions has already been performed and "discipline implemented regarding certain tactics used by one officer'.

'Due to the physical resistance from Mr. Wheatcroft, the Taser was used in a drive stun capacity in order to gain control and avoid physical injury, ' the statement said.

Around 7:30 p.m., Officers Matt Schneider and Mark Lindsey contacted the occupants of a Ford Taurus after Mr. Schneider observed a traffic violation, the release states.

Glendale officials and the Police Department didn't immediately return requests for comment on the lawsuit Sunday.

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