Fitbit's New Fitness Trackers Are Only Available to Businesses

Fitbit's upcoming fitness tracker leaks in colorful images

Fitbit Has a New Activity Tracker. But You Can't Buy It in Stores

In other words, you might get given one by your boss, or when you renew your health insurance, but you can't order it straight from the Fitbit website. The company launched a new product called Fitness Inspire on Friday, a new solution for employees and health insurance members. The company claims it is its cheapest fitness tracker yet, but won't reveal its exact pricing as prices may vary considering it is bought and sold in bulk. The basic version simply tracks steps and delivers basic phone notifications, while a more advanced version - the Inspire HR - adds heart-rate monitoring and exercise modes to the mix, along with the option to piggyback off phone Global Positioning System for accurate run tracking.

Called the Inspire and the Inspire HR, and roughly equivalent to the Fitbit Charge 3, the tracker is created to be used as part of employee or insurance wellness schemes, allowing end users to earn rewards for healthy activity and exercise. It comes with a touchscreen display and can be used while swimming.

On the official site, the Fitbit Inspire looks an terrible lot like the Fitbit Charge series, although that's at least in part down to the fact that there's actually only a handful of ways a wearable can look right now.

While the Fitbit Inspire might not be the most innovative tracker that the company has ever put out, it could be important for the future of Fitbit: company orders could make up a significant chunk of future income as consumer sales tail off. A clip accessory is sold separately though.

Fitbit silently introduced two new fitness trackers last month, the Inspire and Inspire HR, but both are aimed at business customers rather.

Apart from fitness trackers meant for business users, Fitbit seems to be working on a new fitness tracker for kids.

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