AirPods 2 to Sport Google’s Pixel Finish, Deeper Bass

Apple Air Pods 2 will look the same

AirPods 2 will keep the design unchanged, AirPower coming this spring - news

Another rumor claims that Apple will use the same finish to improve grip and reduce scratches in the iPhone 11 - because yes, some people use their phones without ugly cases.

Independent of the MySmartPrice report, a new Digitimes article also says that Apple is expected to launch a new AirPods generation this year, without specifying a firm launch date.

The sketchy report also says that the AirPod 2 will come with new biometric sensors that will allow it to offer heart rate tracking.

According to an inside source, the new AirPods 2 will look nearly identical to their predecessors but will carry some under-the-hood changes like better bass response and will include additional health-related tech such as a heart rate sensor. This followed another patent filed in March. Plus, it will launch a new wireless charging case for the original AirPods alongside the AirPods 2. Given that Apple always hypes up the sound quality on its devices based on the fact that its users have fried their eardrums listening to Coldplay and U2 heavily distorted through low-quality earpieces we take that claim with a pinch of salt.

Apple's AirPods 2 will also have more sensors than the original AirPods, which will likely be used for new health features. There have been several reports surrounding both the AirPods 2 and AirPower, but since we're already in 2019, Apple would come to a decision on whether or not both of these should come to light. There has so far been no official comment from Apple on the Apple AirPods 2, let alone a confirmation of a released date. "As for pricing, the AirPower wireless charging pad is likely to be priced around $150 at launch".

We are also expecting some type of health sensor and features while battery life is thought to be nearly exactly the same. Additional features are also to be expected but won't be available until iOS 13 comes around. Still, everything is pointing to a 2019 release - when exactly, remains to be seen.

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