AAF draws strong ratings in debut

Arizona Hotshots

AAF Getty Images

The Alliance of American Football is off to a strong start. The two games featured excitement and big hits, causing the AAF games to outperform the National Basketball Association in television ratings.

The Hotshots next take on the Memphis Express on Saturday. Once an National Football League season comes to an end on the first Sunday in February, fans of the spot have to go months before any college or professional games occur.

Wolford threw four touchdowns passes - two to Rashad Ross - as the Hotshots (1-0) turned a three-point halftime lead into a comfortable season-opening victory on the strength of a 16-0 third-quarter surge.

That above play right there was more than enough to go viral on social media and garner a ton of more people to tune in and watch the new upstart league in a country that absolutely loves the sport of football. The second game featuring the Salt Lake Stallions and the Arizona Hotshots will air at 8 p.m. EST on the NFL Network. Viewers' curiosity of an indirect National Football League competitor surely helped early ratings; now we'll find out if the AAF can keep those eyeballs and attract more.

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